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Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication Management

Psychiatric Medication Management for Mental Illnesses

Medication is only one part of the process towards a healthy life. Effective medication management includes understanding the indication, side effects and taking the medication at the proper intervals with the prescribed dosage.

Often, patients are left frustrated after starting a medication and not getting the desired results. Moreover, stress and anxiety often make one forgetful about taking the required dosage. Accordingly, we arrange prompt psychiatric medication management sessions that is aimed at discussing any barriers or questions that patients may have regarding their medication.

Timely Follow-up Session

This session is tailored specifically to address any follow-up medication management questions and challenges that might come up.

We believe in guiding her patients every step of the way. This means giving the required attention to any questions or challenges patients might face after being prescribed medication. Since some medicines have specific side effects that can be uncomfortable for some individuals within the first few weeks, a timely follow-up session is needed to encourage patients to share their concerns openly. Also, it provides an opportunity for the provider to adjust prescriptions as needed to aid a steady progression that leads to recovery.