Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation of Patients

A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is a key to an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, to make better use of our time, we ask patients to fill out the new patient form at least twenty-four hours before their appointment. This gives Dr. Ndubaku a comprehensive overview to review beforehand and adequate time to discuss your concerns in-depth.

Understandably, some patients feel uncertain and uncomfortable during their first visit. Thus, for the initial five to ten minutes of the session, Dr. Ndubaku uses a professional and ethical approach to answer questions that may arise in your mind.

After a thorough discussion, Dr. Ndubaku devises a treatment plan with you that is tailored to your needs.

75 Minutes Initial Assessment

The initial assessment comprises 75 minutes, covering the medical and psychiatric history of patients.

In the patient’s first visit, Dr. Ndubaku thoroughly reviews the full psychiatric, medical, psychosocial, and family history. Doing this is critical for evaluating and obtaining an accurate medical history because specific conditions like diabetes, hypo/hyperthyroidism, hypertension, anemia, etc., may concur alongside psychiatric issues.

The 75-minute initial assessment also includes reviewing previously recommended medications and supplements, and associated risks and benefits before incorporating psychotherapy if it’s needed.

Involving a Family Member

Family involvement and active participation are essential for a forward-moving treatment approach..

It’s understandable for family members to want to support their loved ones undergoing mental health treatment. Dr. Ndubaku welcomes family involvement with the patient’s consent and deems it necessary to answer all the questions you and your loved ones might have regarding your symptoms or the treatment plans.

Ultimately, working together creates a path to move patients towards a healthy life.

Health Supplements & Lifestyle Changes

Dr. Ndubaku encourages suitable lifestyle modifications and provides valuable insights into behaviors and treatment barriers.

Dr. Ndubaku firmly believes in treating individuals as humans and not simply as a case. She realizes the complications and side-effects of high dosage medications and how they can impact the patient’s condition. Therefore, she uses the lowest effective dose whenever possible while altering the treatment plan. Along with this, she recommends positively helpful supplements and lifestyle changes. Together, they form the basis to treat symptoms successfully.