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Integrative Psychotherapy Session

Integrative Psychotherapy Session

Care begins when there is a holistic understanding between you and the provider, which is the aim of this session.

Therapy that is holistic and designed for you.

We understand that some individuals may need the integration of therapies to achieve the best result. Before beginning our services, we eliminate the barriers that may make it challenging to achieve treatment goals.

Once we’ve outlined our goals, we work as a team to provide you with all the support you need while undergoing treatment.

60-Minute Integrative Psychotherapy Session

In this 60-minute session, we address challenges and problems that are affecting your wellness.

Dr. Ndubaku works with a professional and empathetic approach. She considers all behavioral changes that might disrupt the wellbeing process.

This session utilizes an integrative blend of psychotherapeutic modalities, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and interpersonal solution-focused therapy.

The session also includes psychodynamic and insight-oriented therapy, where she discusses all the mindful insights that can help bring a positive lifestyle change.

Empowering Quality Mental Health

Integrative psychotherapy aims at giving you a new, brighter perspective on your world.

Achieving good health requires commitment and patience from both the doctor and patient. We desire to give patients tools to enhance their ability to make better decisions and take control of their mental health.

The ultimate goal is to leave our sessions with valuable insights about your life challenges and the perspective necessary to empower yourself with quality mental health.