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Why Self-Love Is the Best Kind of Love?


Why Self-Love Is the Best Kind of Love?

We are often told to treat everyone around us with respect, courtesy and spread love. What is often not talked about is before doing that, we should know how to love ourselves.

You might be wondering, what is the big deal about it? Of course, everyone loves themselves. But the question is, do you?

Don’t you criticize yourselves too much?

Don’t you wish to be like someone you’re not?

If you do, you are not alone. Usually, people with mental health issues experience these situations. Why does this happen? Because of the lack of self-love.

So, what advantages can you expect by having self-love in your life?


Often, not having great mental health means you will doubt your actions. You will overthink the situation and feel like you’re not doing the right things. If you’re communicating with someone, you will not say what you have in your mind.


It’s because you don’t have enough confidence in yourself to feel that you’re right.

How can you improve your confidence?

Let’s start with the advantages of having self-love and how it contributes to strong mental health.

There’s no one method to make sure you are more confident. But one of the effective ways is to show self-love. Believe in yourself and tell yourself how good you are.

This way, you’ll feel more assured about what you are doing and what you’re about to do. You will find your actions more meaningful and productive.

Self-Control Over Anger:

Feeling rage and anger over a particular situation is not all so bad. But when you are mentally challenged, you tend to be angry at most things.

This can be a concern for you and the people around you.

It can have negative impacts on your life. These can be from damaging relationships with your loved ones to feeling hopeless about your life.

Among the many anger management techniques, one that may prove to be beneficial for you is self-love. It allows you to see the positive things about your life. Hence, improving your mental state.

Even if you are caught up in an unfavorable situation, you manage to see the positive side of things.


Among the many barriers to mental health treatment, not accepting yourself is one.

What are your faults and flaws?

You tend not to answer these questions. Instead, you go into a shell and live in your own world.

This is because of low self-esteem. You think that the world is against you. The fear of being judged by people kicks in.

This situation can be different if you love yourself enough to cancel out these thoughts. By doing so, you will not care about what reaction others will give you. Instead, you will only focus on satisfying yourself.

Once you have no one else to please, you will start accepting who you are and not what others want you to be.

Want to start your journey of self-acceptance?

Book your virtual appointment today and seek the assistance of qualified mental health professionals. At Quality Psychiatric Health and Wellness, we guide you on how to start accepting yourself for who you are.

Maximum Potential:

Let’s be honest. If you keep counting your flaws, how can you know what you are capable of?

The answer is you can’t.

And that’s what happens in the state of weak mental health.

That’s why you need to get past all the obstacles that are the negative thoughts in your mind.

What can you do to stop yourself from always being your biggest critic?

How can you start your journey of self-exploration?

You can start by believing in yourself. By giving yourself credit for your achievements, you can discover all the beauty that life offers.

Above all, this will tell you your true potential and what you can do in life.

Achievements Unlocked:

You often get moments where you don’t get 100% results. With not so solid mental health, you can be too hard on yourself.

You will overlook the progress you’ve made and only focus on the things you weren’t able to do.

Imagine if you had to complete five tasks in a day and manage to complete three of them. In a weakened state of mind, it can succumb you to think of yourself as a failure.

This situation can be very daunting and negatively affect the other things that you do.

If you love yourself, you will be able to see the glass half full, rather than seeing the glass half empty. This is very important for living a productive life.

You can give yourself credit, treat yourself, or just be self-assured that you have done something worth celebrating.

The Final Word

Mental health is a situation that can either make or break a person. Knowing how you can love yourself will go a long way towards strong mental health.

After reading through all this, you must be wanting to ask the question:

“Where do I start”?

You can start by putting your well-being above everything you do. Start feeling good about yourself and your actions.

You can get a hold of certified self-care for mental health professionals at Quality Psychiatric Health and Wellness for suggestions and guidance throughout your journey.

We will put you on the path of being the best version of yourself. Ultimately, you can come to terms that self-love is, indeed, the best kind of love.